Monday, April 21, 2014

Capacity building and training: Who should drive, coordinate and support it?

Another good question! This is such a key issue but in my experience you often get the wrong person driving it.
On-line and webinar coaching: Will this new trend stand the test of time and replace some old paradigms on the way we coach?

All formal training will not solve the problem. 
Burning HR issues 2014

Working with and assisting organisations to formulate an HR strategy is always a highlight for me. This was the case when FNB Namibia asked me to help them with their 2014 HR strategy.
Batho Pele Principles: Dead or Alive: part two

Only 5% of all municipalities across South Africa received clean audits. (Source: Auditor-General Terence Nombembe) In assessing the financial management of the country’s municipalities, Nombembe’s report addresses two crucial failures: a debilitating lack of leadership, and a lack of accountability. This is evident, for example, in the number of municipalities that could not even manage to get their financial records completed on time for auditing. But this sorry state of affairs is unfortunately not a recent phenomenon and raises the deeply troublesome question of why it has been allowed to continue for so long. Neither is it a surprise revelation that local government has persistently been vulnerable to exploitation and corruption. But how does one fix it?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Turnaround Strategy

It is easy to talk about these things, but do we have the muscle for it and where does one start? Will it help when all divisions work seamlessly with HRD? Will it work when we broaden the scope of skills development or address staffing norms and standards for capacity building and competence profiles? What if you have more efficient systems of complaints management?
My suggestion would be to start with the following:
Promoting Organisational Cohesion

Where do you start?
Will spelling out key performance indicators and performance agreements and skills development plans achieve the desired results? What if you do have poorly defined development objectives and performance indicators? 
How do you get a skilled and capable workforce to support a responsive, accountable, effective and efficient local government system? Where do you start?

Good question. It is easy to say you need to focus and do some capacity building and aligned training, but where do you start? Also, if you do these things, will the impact address the strategic needs and challenges? 

Batho Pele:  Dead or Alive Part One

People do understand that certain principles have to be in place, namely:
  • ·         A high standard of professional ethics
  • ·         Impartial, fair and equitable provision of services without bias
  • ·         Effective use of resources
  • ·         Accountable people who foster transparency
  • ·         Cultivated good human resources managements