Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learners today, leaders of tomorrow

During the weekend of 22nd July a group of students from De Doorns came together for a weekend of interactive adventurous character development.  
Not sure what to expect the students arrived in the cold wet Grabouw, Back to Basics Campsite, bags packed and in their existing group of friends. This will soon be challenged as teams are divided and new friendships formed. During the 3 day camp these young students had to endure going through the endurance trail, walking through dark woods at night, had to learn how to rely and assist each other to complete tasks as a team.
Throughout this camp, “The Ultimate gift”, the students received and learned a series of vital gifts including:  The gift of problems, gift of friendship, the gift of work, the gift of a day, the gift of family and the ultimate gift of Character and love.

The camp was filled with open hearted discussions, interaction, high adrenaline team activities, hard work and learning how character truly makes the difference.

Vera Kiryukova, a youth coach from Moscow, asked Desmond Denton in an interview to share more about the Young Elephants Character Coaching and camps.