Monday, December 29, 2014

Burning issue 5: Lastly: We are not serious enough making people management the differentiating factor in the workplace

Research and practice from all over the world suggest that poor people management in organizations can lead to covert costs such as decreased productivity, an increase in missed deadlines, mistakes, accidents and high employee turnover  

Burning issue number Four 2015

Burning issue 4: Fourthly: we need to raise the bar of excellence and productivity

Do I still need to emphasize this? 

Burning issue number three 2015

Burning issue 3: We are afraid to have open fierce conversations and don’t know how to disagree but rather attacking each other

  A major concern. We are overlooking the importance and impact of courageous communication in the workplace.

Burning issue Number two for 2015

Burning issue 2: Conflict will escalate

It is very clear that conflict is escalating in our country and workplaces.  

Burning issues Number One for 2015

Burning issue 1: The service excellence in our country is becoming a major concern

It is evident to notice that the service standards are dropping and the reasons often given is that it is due to poor leadership and a lack of accountability.