Monday, February 21, 2011

Character-Based Leadership in UGANDA. An interview with Dr Mario and Desmond Denton

Uganda, Africa the Pearl of Africa

In a previous interview Heideli Loubser interviewed Dr Mario Denton regarding character-based leadership challenges and sustainable implementation of character-based training in the workplace. In this interview, Heideli Loubser asked Dr Denton about his recent experience in taking character-based training into some African countries.

Loubser: I have noticed that you have done Character First in Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, Malawi and now in Uganda. I am very keen to hear how you started the training in that part of the continent of Africa and what you have learnt. You also mentioned that your son Desmond Denton have done a documentary and a session on storytelling. Now let me start this time with Desmond. Desmond tell us more about your experience in UGANDA