Monday, August 6, 2012

Teamwork Hackers: A real frustration

This is still one of the biggest factors causing disengagement and a major reason for the development of energy wasters in a team. The bad news is that leaders try to deal with this on a cognitive level. It won’t work. You have to locate where the hackers were able to enter your team and implanted the virus and you need to delete the virus so that the response is no longer triggered by the external problem. Fear and lies are key components of every virus and anchor the virus program in the team. The system malfunctions, resulting in negative behaviour or character flaws in your team.

Case Study: Employee does not trust his senior, hates performance appraisal and has no friends in the workplace.
·         Feels there is no one that he can trust in the workplace
·         Feels lonely and not part of the team
·         Virus like low impulse control causes him to sabotage relationships in the team
·         Where is the emotion coming from?
·         How do we fix the problem?
Do you need further help in dealing with this issue? Let me sent you some self-assessments on this issue or you can contact Dr Mario Denton at for further details or to help you tackle these issues in your team.

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The Noah Principle?

Healthy Leadership Essentials 16: The noah principle from TRUE AFRICA LEADER on Vimeo.

No more prizes for predicting rain, prizes only for building Arks.
Let's deliver, stop promising or always predicting what can happen. 

1) Build the ark: 
There are 2 kinds of people in this world: talkers and doers. Talkers may see life's problems and opportunities. When they do, they talk about them. Realising the problem is only the beginning. Nothing gets done to solve problems or develop opportunities until someone does something about it.
2) Get on board: 
Be committed to not merely lay out the issues, but to find solutions. 
3) See the bigger picture:  
The business world is constantly undergoing change, and no one can truly predict exactly how and for how long. The best is to gather as much information as possible and be prepared for as much rain as possible, and stay afloat. 

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