Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make a Long-Term Investment

Today’s corporate environment places a higher premium on results rather than relationships. Most managers demonstrate an utilitarian attitude towards their employees. Any attempts to put people above profits are interpreted as signs of weakness. Yet employers are grappling with issues of loyalty and commitment. Somehow, we need to enlarge our perspective and view our employees as full-fledged human beings who have lives beyond their corporate responsibilities—to embrace a philosophy of life that is inclusive rather than exclusive. Here are three basic reasons why we are actually wired to understand and that the self-centered life actually works against us in the long-term.

The fox now guards the chickens

SA suffers from what can be described as a moral deficit. It is a disease that seems to be afflicting all strata of society — from government, to business, to the lowliest state functionary.

The mantra seems to be, in that delightful phrase, “it’s my time to eat”.

It’s a feeding frenzy. People are neither afraid nor ashamed to be caught with their fingers in the till. Corruption is so commonplace it doesn’t shock us anymore.