Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Character is vital key to success. Testimony

We truly enjoy hearing feedback and how character is making a difference in different communities and businesses. When we say we are passionate about people and their energy potential we as a team truly mean it. It is truly a humbling experience to hear messages such as the following from Reagan Kwala after presenting training.

" Hi Mario,

I am very grateful and thankful for having not only having attended your lecture on CF. But meeting you as a person, and that you portrait sincerity and boldness in your words.

I personally looked at you as a caring parent, a teacher and in some way a healer. Having attended the CF program I gained the insight of why CF is vital not only in work places but also in the society we live in.  

To do right, live truthful all the time is hard but one could see it takes no much effort to do just right and be discern in different things. I am certain that I will be able to deliver the message of CF to many of those I come into contact with.

Thank you Mario,

Warm regards,

Reagan Kwala
Human Resources Development

What they should teach students at Business Schools is a course on co- accountability and honest scrutiny.

A leader’s credibility is the result of two aspects: what he does (competency) and who he is (character). A discrepancy between these two aspects creates an integrity problem.

The highest principle of leadership is integrity. When integrity ceases to be a leader’s top priority, when a compromise of ethics is rationalised away as necessary for the ‘greater good’, when achieving results becomes more important than the means to their achievement – that is the moment when a leader steps onto the slippery slope of failure.

Often such leaders see their followers as pawns, a mere means to an end, thus confusing manipulation with leadership. These leaders lose empathy. They cease to be people ‘perceivers’ and become people ‘pleasers’, using popularity to ease the guilt of lapsed integrity.

It is imperative to your leadership that you constantly subject your life and work to the highest scrutiny. Are there areas of conflict between what you believe and how you behave? Has compromise crept into your operational tool-kit? One way to find out is to ask the people you depend on if they ever feel used or taken for granted.

Do you have some unfinished business or skeletons in your cupboards?

Article by Dr Mario Denton

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Performance appraisals: What a joke?

It is amazing to see how many organizations are doing performance appraisals the traditional way. It causes more pain and damage and can be a real disengagement factor. In short destroy it and replace it.  View video to the left for a short illustration.
There is a new generation of employees in the workplace and far more streamlined ways of doing it. For more information and to do and achievement orientated and purposeful conversation please  
contact Mario Denton at

Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Availability Happen by Marti Vickery

We live in a world that desires instant results. With access to news streaming and the ability to post comments immediately, it appears we have a higher level of availability than our parents did. But though information is abundantly available, often face-to-face attention is hard to come by.Streamline your days to allow you to accomplish tasks while remaining available to address client and staff priorities.Is this a short-term, long-term, or on-going priority?

How to Talk About Character in a Meeting

What a supervisor or a CEO talks about at meetings says a lot about his or her priorities. But it’s not easy to talk about personal integrity issues. So we’ll try to address some of the challenges here.At one of Kimray’s employee meetings last month, Kimray president Thomas A. Hill introduced the character quality of availability this way.