Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Character is vital key to success. Testimony

We truly enjoy hearing feedback and how character is making a difference in different communities and businesses. When we say we are passionate about people and their energy potential we as a team truly mean it. It is truly a humbling experience to hear messages such as the following from Reagan Kwala after presenting training.

" Hi Mario,

I am very grateful and thankful for having not only having attended your lecture on CF. But meeting you as a person, and that you portrait sincerity and boldness in your words.

I personally looked at you as a caring parent, a teacher and in some way a healer. Having attended the CF program I gained the insight of why CF is vital not only in work places but also in the society we live in.  

To do right, live truthful all the time is hard but one could see it takes no much effort to do just right and be discern in different things. I am certain that I will be able to deliver the message of CF to many of those I come into contact with.

Thank you Mario,

Warm regards,

Reagan Kwala
Human Resources Development

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