Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Availability Happen by Marti Vickery

We live in a world that desires instant results. With access to news streaming and the ability to post comments immediately, it appears we have a higher level of availability than our parents did. But though information is abundantly available, often face-to-face attention is hard to come by.Streamline your days to allow you to accomplish tasks while remaining available to address client and staff priorities.Is this a short-term, long-term, or on-going priority?

Does this need to be addressed immediately?
Is this something I need to do, or is this better delegated to someone else?
Will I need other team members to successfully complete this task?
Schedule a specific time of day or week with clients or staff, and take that opportunity to reconnect, reflect, and encourage future communication.Try establishing an electronic forum to share thoughts and ideas, perhaps a common folder on the company server.

  • Create a quarterly breakfast or lunch event with key staff or department heads in a casual setting. Make sure to follow up and develop key points or innovative strategies.
  • Recognize associates on their employment anniversaries.
  • Implement project or milestone “wrap up” events to celebrate and share future ideas.
  • Break down the timeline on long range tasks, to budget so many minutes or hours per day to accomplish them.Complete the quicker tasks and get them off your “list.”
  • Personal or work related errands can be organized for efficient drive time and phone calls.
  • There may be occasions when you must close your door to meet deadlines and commitments. 
  • Respect others when they must do the same, and work together to set a time for follow up.

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