Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Don’t die with the music in you

What a brilliant book from Henning Gericke- 
Inspiring Champions. Work through the reflection at the end of each short story. See example below


Dare to dream
I own my dream! My dream really is my dream
My dreams inspire, excite and challenge me to the extreme
I guard myself against dream killers
I connect with other dreamers. They are my dream keepers
I am willing to pay the price in living my dream  (remember the higher you want to go, the greater the price you need to pay
The will to prepare
I am a challenging my thinking and I am a great strategist
I am meticulous in my planning and my details make the difference. Careful planning and faithful implementation
I am creative in my preparations and I don’t suffer from paralysis by analysis. I am one step ahead and expect the unexpected
I am innovative through reinventing my strategy regularly and rethinking what I am doing
My goals, plans  and action are written down and I visualize the success
Don’t die with the music in you
I know it is never too late to be what I might have been
I believe that I were created for greatness and do listen out for that Inner Cry

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why Leadership-development programs fail

Failing to measure results
Organizations often do not have evidence to quantify the value of their investment. When businesses fail to track and measure changes in leadership performance over time, they increase the odds that improvement initiatives won’t be taken seriously.