Sunday, April 20, 2014

Promoting Organisational Cohesion

Where do you start?
Will spelling out key performance indicators and performance agreements and skills development plans achieve the desired results? What if you do have poorly defined development objectives and performance indicators? 

My starting point:
  • ·         Start with the seven courageous conversations and focus on your GPS and do some real-time fine-tuning.
  • ·         Make sure all development planning is indeed credible, integrated, coordinated.
  • ·         Make sure all skills development programmes are demand led through substantive and systematic input from employees but also managers who are coaching those individuals.
  • ·         There must also be a follow-through on all individuals doing training programmes and blunt openness on the impact of the training.
  • ·         Also develop and identify a diverse pool of high-potential leaders through fair and accurate nomination who can coach others.
  • ·         For all employees implement not only performance contracts but also psychological contracts spelling out how to manage upwards and how to deal with conflict and frustration.
  • ·         Foster and manage an ongoing learning culture.
  • ·         Use career planning as one of the measurements for retention and engagement of talent.

Part of session with Gauteng Province on a talk about the seven courageous conversations Contact Dr Mario Denton at 

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