Monday, April 21, 2014

Burning HR issues 2014

Working with and assisting organisations to formulate an HR strategy is always a highlight for me. This was the case when FNB Namibia asked me to help them with their 2014 HR strategy.

So how did we do it and what was my approach?
I first worked through the Deloitte Consulting report on predictions for 2014 and their focus areas to see where FNB Namibia is in terms of these issues. We then had a discussion on the trends they believe are the five most important ones.
This was followed by a discussion about some common HR “diseases”, the impact of these diseases and the cures for them. I followed that up with how employees move from being fully engaged towards disappointments, discouragement, distance, disconnect and discord to becoming fully disengaged.
Lastly it was about the plans of action going forward to make human capital the differentiating factor in the workplace. We closed with some tough ways of measuring and what to include in their HR benchmarking for the future.
During these sessions there was an emphasis on the real seven courageous conversations.
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