Sunday, April 20, 2014

Turnaround Strategy

It is easy to talk about these things, but do we have the muscle for it and where does one start? Will it help when all divisions work seamlessly with HRD? Will it work when we broaden the scope of skills development or address staffing norms and standards for capacity building and competence profiles? What if you have more efficient systems of complaints management?
My suggestion would be to start with the following:

  • ·         Promote good governance and fight any form of corruption or mismanagement.
  • ·         Promote competency and build sustainable infrastructure with sound financial management.
  • ·         Accelerate service delivery.
  • ·         Develop a national cadre of coaches and mentors who undertake to guide, nurture and support a new generation of leaders.

Tackle the 49 Character First qualities in two weekly roundtable discussions and you will see the result. This will revitalise the workplace and work-related and relevant issues will be discussed. Also increase the supply of skilled personnel in priority areas and ensure you do a proper career direct on each one and identity their design and role they have to play in the workplace. What is also non-negotiable and should be established immediately is more efficient recruitment practices.

Dr Mario Denton has a passion for serving others. Through his writing, speaking engagements, and coaching, he helps others to make a significant difference in the workplace to shape their culture to reflect their commitment to character and competence. Contact Dr Mario Denton at  for implementation of Character-based leadership principles and Career Direct in your organisation

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