Monday, April 21, 2014

Capacity building and training: Who should drive, coordinate and support it?

Another good question! This is such a key issue but in my experience you often get the wrong person driving it.

This is not a job for everybody as this person must be able to really take stock of the current functionality, adequate service delivery and current level of capacity building. So ask questions like who should be involved, where is the accountability and how these types of things should be coordinated. The approach has to be very coordinated and needs to be rooted in a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders. But most of all it must happen in a spirit of coordination that is amicable and beneficial to all the stakeholders, including professional bodies and organised labour.
But what is a driver? This person must be able to create, influence, support, monitor, communicate and also help to execute plans with a specific mandate of key innovative and impactful capacity-building initiatives. Getting the right person can really help you to focus on the achievement of the desired service delivery within a coherent national network system and plans.  With the personality ID you can do an assessment of such a person. We can train you in-house to do these assessments.
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