Monday, April 21, 2014

On-line and webinar coaching: Will this new trend stand the test of time and replace some old paradigms on the way we coach?

All formal training will not solve the problem. 

For example, in the workplace new on-line models are beginning to emerge and fill the gap as organisations want the right people with the right behaviours. Today feedback has to be continuous, and a career plan is needed for everyone. An explosion of social networking is transforming the old approaches to coaching. Video-based learning and video-based conferencing are all commonly available and even mobile computing is moving faster than anyone could have foreseen.
Younger employees are entering organisations with high expectations for on-line collaboration and knowledge sharing. They bring in their own mobile devices and want to collaborate vigorously within and outside your organisation.
Where do I stand on the matter? I am already doing webinar with success and have Skyping sessions with various people outside South Africa. These new technologies are going to change the way we manage people and our businesses and the way we train and coach other people.
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