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As a seasoned academic and business consultant, I have attended various teambuilding sessions. In my own qualitative research on team effectiveness and storytelling I have found that this exercise is often time wasting. Often teams are sitting with pearls of wisdom but are not focused or engaged in using them to make a significant difference back in the workplace.

The purpose of the “heartbeat” exercise

REAL-TIME FINE-TUNING TEAM conversations is to understand the real concerns of key team members, obtain insight into and clarity on the organisational situation as well as the team effectiveness of the management team. The “health” of a senior team is critical for the future success of any organisation.

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How do you appoint people?

I am often shocked to find that this is such a subjective process. Prospective employees are very clever at manipulating you. They know the questions they will be asked and have consulted various people on just how to present themselves. You cannot afford to take on the wrong people as it will cost you dearly.

So what is the answer?

I personally like to do a job profile first and after that a complete career direct profile. This far it has worked for me.
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Lessons learnt from coaching at Coca Cola Sabco

Trained under Dave Ulrich, I always like to see whether HR functions are indeed a strategic partner and how they measure what they do. Answer those questions and you have myattention. So what did I experience with Coca Cola Sabco?

The HR compass

This is a document in which the Coca Cola Sabco team charted out a course towards 2014.

The world café session

Wow! What a powerful tool when HR practitioners discuss the business concepts and HR challenges in a typical world-class café environment. Contact me for a copy of the article.

TRAINING INTERVENTION AND INVESTMENTOptimising human potential through Emotional Intelligence Conversations

I was first exposed to Emotional Intelligence in Chicago in 1997 and have been amazed at the powerful role of this intervention in organizations.

EQ Conversations

 Emotional intelligence and leader effectiveness and developing high achievers

 Managing conflict with emotional intelligence

 Building high-performance teams with emotional intelligence and the essential link to creativity and innovation

 Coaching secrets for developing emotional intelligence

 Stress and its impact on emotional intelligence and derailment of leaders

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