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HR Compass 2011-2014

In this short overview I want to give you a glimpse of an exciting week with 25 HR practitioners from Coca Cola Sabco in the Tsitsikamma. I have been in HR corporate world and lecturing and consulting for nearly 30 years, but the week with the Coca Cola Sabco team was indeed a very special session for me. Let me explain why: trained under Dave Ulrich, I always like to see whether HR functions are indeed a strategic partner and how they measure what they do. Answer those questions and you have my attention. So what did I experience with Coca Cola Sabco? THE HR COMPASS
This is a document in which the Coca Cola Sabco team charted out a course towards 2014. They focused on the following:

• Leadership: Build a pipeline of extraordinary leaders who inspire achievement of their winning future.
• Organisation Optimisation: Maximise organisational efficiency and productivity.
• Capability Excellence: Significantly improve the capability level of all their employees. It they grow their people, they will grow their business.
• Sustainability: Entrench sustainability in their corporate DNA through responsible and ethical people practices.
• Talent Pipeline: Enable their planned growth by managing performance today and identifying and preparing tomorrow’s leaders.
• Culture: Create an environment in which employees love to work and that inspires and enables superior performance.
Specific goals, strategies and measures have been spelt out for each of those areas – a masterpiece in my eyes and a group who are setting the benchmark for HR practices.So the challenge was for the 25 HR delegates to discuss and reach consensus on the following given the HR compass:
• What do you consider your unique contribution to be with regard to each direction?
• How can you become a more constructive contributor to the HR compass and add value to the business?
• What would ensure that these concepts truly deliver / add value to the organisation?
• What is exciting about the KPI report?
• What are the most prevalent thoughts / questions when considering the HR Compass report?
• What would you need most to enable you to be a successful contributor to the HR Compass report?

What a great way of looking at business issues!
“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” (F. Scott Fitzpatrick) See the website on this topic. See attachment.

Wow! What a powerful tool when HR practitioners discuss the following concepts in a typical world-class café environment:
• How do we strengthen the position of HR as valued practitioners and valued strategic business partners to the management cadres at all levels in the organisation?
• What is the content of the strategic business partnership between management and HR practitioners?
• Who do you need to be as HR practitioners to earn your seat at the table?
• What possibilities do HR measurement, analysis and reporting create in the strategic partnership?

The team did it the Character First way, and what a moment for me. This is the way to do it!
It was also great to receive feedback from Coca Cola Sabco:
“Just a short note to say thank you for spending time with us on our HR MDP, and for sharing so generously your thoughts, feedback and material. Your thoughtfulness contributed greatly to a fantastic week of self-reflection”. Cathy Albertyn, Human Resources Director.
“On behalf of Coca-Cola Sabco and the whole HR team I would like to thank you for your presence in Tsitsikamma. I trust that it was as magical and blessed for you as it was for us. We really appreciated your insights in the projects (keeping them real but also stretching us to do more) and for your “spot-on” insights during the debriefs and fireside conversation and in the final close-out session, which was relevant for those half-timers of us as well as the Gen Ys.
“I know that we have made you proud and excited about the roll-out of Character First – and we will continue to be true to our commitment to be a Character-based Organisation. Please keep us in your mind as we journey through the next few tough months.”
Tracy Potgieter, Group Learning & Development Manager, Industrial and Organisational Psychologist.
I look forward to assisting your team in doing a similar coaching process in the future.
Mario Denton MBA, PhD and Industrial Psychologist, holds a doctorate in Organisational Behaviour and Business administration. He uses his strong academic and corporate background and his uniquely effective coaching skills to help organisations tap into their potential to make a difference in the workplace. You can contact him at

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