Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Character-Based Leadership Training 

What a great time training the executive team from BRIGHTS in applying Character first principles into the rest of the organisation. BRIGHTS Hardware is a Western Cape based hardware chain dedicated to great service, quality products and expert advice on all thing’s hardware
Feedback from Nita Luis the Founder and HR Director

It was a truly remarkable day!!! Words cannot describe the impact made by your coaching and training. We want to get this ball rolling as soon as possible.

More about The Course: 

PART ONE: Basic Implementation
·         Why character First: Learn and discuss why building character is important for your organisation
·         How to build character: Discover the secrets to building a culture of Character
·         Employee meetings: Learn how to emphasize character in your organisations
·         Character Bulletins: Familiarise yourself with tools and resources for studying character
·         Engagement and labour efficiency: Latest trends

PART TWO: Advanced Implementation
·         Communicating the standard: Learn how to emphasis character in your organisation polices
·         Hiring for Character and Character-based Interviewing: Develop character-based hiring practices to find the right person for each position
·         How to make an appeal: Work through the differences of opinion by making an effective appeal
·         Character-Based correction: Get to the heart of problems instead of dealing with surface issues
·         Character- based team audit: Maintaining and sustaining sound character in your team

C1+ C2 =C3 Character plus competency bring consistency.
It is again clear to us that good character transcends age, position, financial status, race, religion, education, gender and personality. Building character makes a person not only a better employee, but also a better spouse, neighbour, parent and citizen. We believe the strength of a nation lies in the strength of its families.

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