Monday, February 25, 2013

Managing Upwards By Understanding the Design of your Boss

It is vital to know how to manage your boss.  

Firstly you have to know what your values are and how it influences your own life, before you can understand the values of your boss.  You cannot understand other people if you do not understand yourself. Most definitely! It is so easy to look at the behavior of others and say; I would have done it differently or if I was in that position I would behave differently – but you cannot say how you would behave until you are in that position.
When you are working with your boss, you have to find the best ground where both your needs are met. 

Managing Upwards
By Understanding the Design of your Boss
Dr Mario Denton & Christelle Robertson

Session One:
Managing upwards – What type of boss do you have?

  • Why do you need to know how to manage your boss?
  • How will you manage a boss like that?
  • What does the Word say?
  • How will you apply it practically at work?
  • The toxic narcissistic boss? You are not necessarily in a position to resign – what do you do?
  • How do you empower yourself at work? 

Session Two:
Managing upwards – Understanding the design of your boss

  • Today we will further explore how to manage your boss; in order for you to do that - should you understand yourself?
  • As a registered Psychometrist what would you say makes one instrument better than the next?
  • Let’s get back to the managing of your boss: what influence will you and your boss’ values have?
  • There is a conflict situation or a misunderstanding – how do you handle it?
  • What conflict handling method is best to use?
  • What does the Word say?

Session Three:
Managing upwards – What type of employee are you?

  • Why do we struggle to accept authority?
  • How do you accept your boss?
  • Today we are further exploring the managing of your boss, should you also look at yourself as an employee?
  • Should you be on the lookout for specific behaviour?
  • What does the Word say?

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