Friday, January 11, 2013

Her words embrace my sense of being and with her wisdom I am blessed.

This is about my grandmother whom I appreciate dearly.  She has contributed so much with words of encouragement in my life. She practically raised me up at a very young age, I lived with her while she was working and serving others. Her words embrace my sense of being and with her wisdom I am blessed.

When she visits, it gives me a chance just to know her more and enjoy her presence. My friends have a nickname for her: she’s called lefty, because she is forever sitting in front.She might be strict but I know she just wants best for her grandchildren. My dad was a great cook because she believed every man should know how to cook.

As much she cannot do what she used to do, she is young at heart. She has amazing hands, when she plants her flowers and vegetables tend to grow beautifully. Her legacy was to see her grandchildren prosper in education, life and spiritually. To always remember family remains in your heart no matter what the difference you have for one member. We certainly aren’t a big family but we remain small as we are and cherish every moment we have when we are together.
Anderkant die stilte is one film I would definitely recommend for any person with or without an elderly to appreciate those who are still remaining in our presence, who surely love to continue living even after retirement. They have so much wisdom and we could learn a trick or two.

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Article by Nonhlanhla Mchunu

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