Monday, May 7, 2012

Trust: The missing ingredient often in the workplace?

Trust relationship gaps are one of the biggest stumbling blocks towards greater transparency and better workplace relationships. Quite simply, If you have lost the trust of your employees - you have lost your credibility as an effective leader.
You can also lose trust by:
•    Not taking appropriate action when others engage in unethical behavior.
•    Not living the Corporate standards of your firm.
•    Not following through on commitments
•    Not communicating openly - even the simple act of being vague and ambiguous can build confusion which creates mistrust.
Some practical tips:

•          Always be truthful. “The truth is never negotiable”
•          Deliver on your promises by managing expectations, establishing clear boundaries, honoring agreements and by being consistent.
•          Invite staff to discipline you – advise them it is their obligation. - You will need to provide appropriate channels for this
•          Foster a climate of co-operation, trust and purposeful communication by sharing information widely, welcoming constructive challenge and encouraging free dialogue.
Practical exercise
·         Register for the online Character library with bulletins and work through these powerful bulletins

On completion of registration you will get a copy of the following assessments:
·          The me Symptoms
·          Levels of appreciation
·         Team seasons
·         Ancients paths in the workplace
·         Character First and Credibility
·         Taming your tongue

Contact Mario Denton at for further details on this powerful programme and assessment tools 

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