Monday, May 7, 2012

Time for a leadership revolution

TDDI in their Global Leadership Forecast report of 2011 have done some great research asking the following absolutely relevant questions namely:
What is the overall quality of leadership in organisations today?
Do organisations have a sufficient supply of capable leaders to meet the business challenges of tomorrow?  What can HR do to revolutionise the development of their leaders?  Are organisations focusing on developing the right leadership skills? Are organisations using the right methods and approaches?   
Participation consists of 2600 organisations with 12, 423 professionals and 1897 HR professionals from 74 countries (That’s impressive).  The results are mind blowing.  See for yourself.  Leaders are still ineffective as coaches. The current effectiveness of talent management systems is dismal
Only 31% of leaders and HR professionals rated the effectiveness of leadership selection as high
Only 22% of leaders and HR professionals rated their leadership succession systems as highly effective
Only 38% report that the leadership in their organisation is very good (31% good and excellent 7%)
Only one third of leaders and HR professionals rated their leadership developments efforts as highly effective

Watch video by Dr Mario Denton about leadership below

My summary: Time is right to seriously re-evaluate all your talent practices in this regard. The problems may be deeper than you think  
Please contact Mario Denton at for a copy of this report.

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