Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Humans... not Machines

Each of us has unique gifts, abilities, personalities, and strengths. The key to successful achievement in life is learning to recognize your limitations and abilities—knowing what you can and cannot do.
How well do you know yourself—your character strengths and weaknesses, your skills and talents?
Do you have realistic expectations of yourself?
How do you go about goal-setting?
These are questions that each individual must consider for himself or herself from time to time.
How do our limitations liberate us?
Limitations remind us that we are human and not machines; they remind us that we need the support of other people to reach our dreams in life.

We do not need to live under the burden of unrealistic expectations. Limitations are like a second conscience—a blessing and a guideline to balanced living!Refer to your last 5-7 years. What would you say are some of your more important accomplishments? Write down 4 to 5 accomplishments.
What are some reasons for your success?
Were there unusual difficulties you had to overcome?
What two or three things do you feel you have learned?
What did you particularly like about the last 5-7 years?
There are always a few negatives.
What would you say you liked least about your work experience the last 5-7 years?
What outcomes or results have not met to your expectations—things you planned to accomplish but failed to do?
What are some of the reasons for this?

Look at your health, your finances, every area of strength, and every area of weakness in your life. Take responsibility and do only what you are able to do within reasonable limits. Avoid taking risks at the expense of your health, quality time with your family, or your close relationships.If you know what your abilities and limitations are, you can set goals for yourself that are achievable, boosting your confidence every time you reach them.

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