Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do you have an enduring heart?

How committed are you to family? Staying committed to others during difficult times shows character—it shows that you have an enduring heart. It is a rare find. A family is meant to stick together, not to be stuck with each other.

 Hard times are supposed to pull a family together in a tight bond, strengthening relationships and support. You do not always have to understand why your family members do what they do, or agree with it, but it is your duty to stay committed to seeing them succeed and supporting them because they are family.This commitment should not go beyond the limits of healthy boundaries in your relationship, but it should be evident in your speech and conduct towards them.

In the movie Lilo and Stitch the motto was: “Family means nobody gets left behind.” Do not leave your family lacking in love.How about commitment to your friends? This is the very basis of friendship. If you do not support your friends through hard times, you are not a friend at all. Do not run away from your friends simply because you feel awkward and unable to say the right words. Your mere presence and your heartfelt compassion in their suffering will speak for you.How about organizational commitment?

Organizations underestimate the cost of a lack of employee commitment. High employee turnover accounts for high costs associated with rehiring and retraining of new employees. When an employee leaves a company, the organization loses intellectual capital, skills, and organisational understanding.The best way to implement employee strategies is to research what drives employee commitment in a particular workforce.

Twice a year, ask two questions to the rest of your team: “What would you do if you were in my position?” and, “What is stopping you from delivering your peak performance?”

The Future is a matter of choice, not chance. You are where you are because of decisions you took—or didn’t take—sometime in the past. The shape of tomorrow depends entirely on how you act, right now.

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