Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Character First - a powerful tool to use in organisations and family

We were very excited when we received the following letter from one of the leading companies in implementing Character First in the organisation, Sabco Coca Cola.

"Hi Mario

I hope that you are well and that you’ve had a fruitful few months since we met in Tstsikama.

 I must mention that earlier this week we (HR) facilitated a session with the 3rd generation Gutsche’s – the children of the current family board members and their siblings. As part of the session, we introduced them to Character First and they were most impressed with it! This is such a powerful tool and we are privileged to be able to use it to build the character of our organization.Thank-you so much for introducing it to us!

The main reason for this mail is to let you know that I have just ordered 1 000 Character First cards
Many thanks Mario – hope to talk to you soon.

Kind regards,

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