Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character First Sabco

Character First! helps people see the value of good character, so they can build better workplaces and communities. We have received great feedback from a group of delegates and would like to share with you regarding their experience:

Hi Mario, I hope you are fine. I wanted to share with you some key developments since your training in PE. I must confess that the character first message is very REAL for most people I have exposed it to. You can hear a pin drop during some of the management meetings I have addressed to introduce the concept. Many managers have embraced it well that I continuously get information on how people have been recognized. The Management team continues to use the character first examples while addressing employees. It is now common to hear employees refer to character issues as they discuss any people issues. At our annual long service awards – this month, the management team decided to recognize the MD for having the character of Decisiveness.
Since his arrival in Uganda, lots of major decisions on our business have been taken especially on investments, new products that has helped our business regain some market share and start to grow. He was utterly shocked at the award as we kept it a top secret.
We are now integrating character first into our recruitment process as the interview guide has been reworked to include character questions.

Our first interview is underway when we start to recruit the country commercial manager. Moses Mbubi Witta

Country HR Manager. Coca Cola Sabco To order your copy of character first material, bulletins or further information about bringing Character into your organisation contact us

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