Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character and ethics: a group of BP staff in Johannesburg makes Character meaningful

To promote change you need people that are serious about instilling the change. It’s less about merely solving the problems- It is about a shift in priorities to keep the sustainable momentum of positive growth and character alive.

My suggestions to this team during the training were the following:

1.Establish a character-based culture in your environment.

2.Train all managers and supervisors and equip them with the character tools and bulletins. Encourage each person to take his character bulletin home.

3.Be an example of character and do the 49 character qualities assessment in your team and department twice a year.

4.Focus on one character quality per month. Hold character application sessions.

5.Get rid of employee of the month recognition schemes and recognize each employee once per year based on one of the 49 Character qualities.

6.Publicly recognise good character with genuine praise. It is one thing to talk about being an Character, it is another to actually take action on a plan to develop ourselves and others as authentic leaders.

When we see others finding their "True Character North", it helps us to see ours.

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