Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mentoring with Dr Dick Wynn

The ever-shrinking pool of experienced managers and the desperate need for more qualified and competent mentors in the workplace were the reason for our unique approach of coaching selected managers and supervisors in fulfilling their role within the organisation to reach their required levels of competence and professionalism

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The approach will be tailor-made for each person, project driven, needs-based and similar like an internship program or as a study leader for students in completing their technical report.

Areas for mentoring will include the following:

Value –added people management reviews
Team-based leadership and self-directed work teams
Creating a high-performance and energetic workplace culture
Diversity management

Developing business strategies that are customer-focus and driving superior
        service and  performance
Benchmarking practices to ensure world-class standards
Ensuring that the People management strategies delivers tangible results
Preventative counselling to avoid burnout and managerial derailment

Who should take up this opportunity?  If you answer “ yes” to at least four of the following questions, then you qualify

Have you reached a career plateau?
Do you support a life-long learning
Do you want to be a change agent
Are you part of a select high potential group
Do you have a teachable spirit and a need for achievement and self-development 
Are you looking for a sounding board
Are you frustrated with the lack of coaching or mentoring in your organisation

Purposeful discussion with Dr Dick Wynn
watch the highlighted video by clicking on this link

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