Sunday, August 6, 2017

 “I don’t have time”
“The year is almost over and I have not yet done half the thing I wanted to do”
“I am so tired, I cannot keep running at this pace”
Do these statements sound familiar?

We all have certain expectations and goals we want to reach in life. We all want to leave a footprint behind, but do you have a career planning quotient?
We cannot want to achieve our end destination if we do not have the basic principals in place.

1. YOU are the only one directing your future.
2.  The source of power in choosing a career is fundamentally your knowledge.
3.  At the END, you alone are responsible for your career choice.
4. The goal in life is to fulfil your calling.
5.To be significant, you need to work hard for God.
6.  Knowing who you are is the foundation of your calling.
7.  To make the right career choice ultimately, you need decent psychological assessment.
8. Your calling is all about being happy.
9.  If you are unsure about who you are, you will not be able to step into your calling.
10.  To walk into your calling, you need to be closer to Personal Saviour.

Do you want to know how you can achieve your destination and need some guidelines and tools? Go to the following links or feel free to contact us. Let us help you reach your destination. Let us help you leave a footprint, but not a carbon footprint.

Dr. Mario Denton and Chane Fabricius

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