Sunday, March 13, 2016

Work/LIfe Balance versus Life /work balance

Here are my suggestions

1. An organisational balanced scorecard without a personal balanced/wellness scorecard will never get off the ground.  It is like flying an aeroplane with only one engine or one propeller
2. Send all your managers on a management simulation annually.  Why

must Boeing 747 pilots do a simulation test before they can renew their licences every year?
3. Do an engagement/commitment survey every 12 months and raise the bar of excellence. Find out who your ambassadors are, and those who are no longer committed and enthusiastic. The difference between low and high tide is 1,2 metres. Can you go on holiday with 10 litres of petrol?
4. You are a knowledge capital thief if you don’t share your wisdom in coaching.
5. Stop doing an annual medical check-up.  Who said that a person is healthy if you look only at his/her heart and lungs? This is a one-sided perspective that is dangerous to continue.  You have to include in your annual check-up also an emotional and spiritual check-up.
6. Make it an office law to sue negative people. Just find out why they are negative.  Often they are like those who run a marathon backwards, wearing a huge jacket, goggles and heavy diving belt. 
7. Successful people are much more likely to change by envisioning a positive future than by reliving a humiliating past.
8. Honest upward communication and kneemail cannot be treated as an option. It needs to be a requirement
9. Model personal development by actively identifying new areas for your own personal development on an ongoing basis. Stop being lazy about your own personal development.
10. Do things that is stirring your passion

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