Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Trust, Conflict, Transparency, Ethics and Fairness Have you ever measured the above aspects in the workplace?

“ The future of our beautiful nation, a nation with such vast potential, is dependent on all of us as a “silent majority” to do our best to learn from, select, develop and support courageous and moral leaders.

Never has it been more important for us to focus our interventions on selecting and developing the right managers and leaders. We have to have a renewed attention given to the role of character in building companies and societies. When we identify or promote people into leadership positions, of course we have to consider their work-related competencies, experience, skills and their emotional and social resilience - but even more - we have to understand their moral compass, their character and  values, their risk of counter productive work behaviour and their risk of derailing.

Leaders, to a large extent are like pilots - they take the safety, security and survival of all of us into their hands when we enter their aircrafts. Our safety will, to a very large extent be related to the skills, psychological health, good judgement, compliance to regulations, experience and honest sense of responsibility for all the lives they have under their command. Working in the context of human behaviour - we should deeply understand the impact of selecting the “wrong leaders” but also be very cognisant of the immense benefit of working with leaders who rely on a strong and courageous ethical compass. We all know and understand that leadership is not a right - it is a privilege, one that comes with immense responsibility and dire consequences when things go wrong. Please, let’s understand that our work in this field is incredibly important for our very survival.” (Jopie de Beer -CEO of the JvR Africa Group)
Time to get involved and do some of those assessments
Step 1
Work through the following website  http://www.assessment4impact.com
Step 2
Do needs analysis BEFORE you complete the form http://www.assessment4impact.com/reseller.php (please use the same email address)

Dr Mario Denton

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