Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Labels Are For Cans, Not People

This video is really surprising and emotive; I haven't seen it but another one of Coca-Cola where people, one in one, is put into a kind of living star and each one watch the photo of somebody and have to describe and say what they think about that person.Obviously, all the "labels" appear immediately and after that, the real life of the one at the photo is shown...and the person itself makes its own presentation...

Watch this short video produced by Coke. There's two lessons in this short video, the first is that we all can fall into the trap of labeling people based on their appearance, closing us off to the possibility and value they could add to our day.

The second is that, like it or not, our appearance is important to other people and can help or hinder us in achieving our goals.
Watch the video

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