Sunday, January 11, 2015

Batho Pele: Dead or alive

When one studies the Batho Pele principles one is impressed with the clear solid way of doing things.  Our suggestion would be that these principles have to be backed up by solid Character First principles and that sound character-based roundtable discussions, practices and procedures with sound annual measurements must be the non-negotiable way forward. This is what is missing! See diagram below.

Character First Qualities
Consultation: You can tell us what you want from us
You should be consulted about the level and quality of the public services you receive and, wherever possible, should be given a choice about the services that are offered.
Availability, Compassion
Dependability, Initiative,
Responsibility and
Service standards: Insist that our standards are maintained
You should be told what level and quality of public services you will receive so that you are aware of what to expect.
Decisiveness, Diligence,
Faith. Gentleness,
Obedience and Punctuality
Access: One and all should get their fair share
You and all citizens should have equal access to the services to which you are entitled.
Attentiveness, Flexibility,
Loyalty, Thoroughness,
Tolerance and Virtue

Courtesy: Don’t accept insensitive treatment
You should be treated with courtesy and consideration.
Benevolence, Cautiousness,
Discretion, Generosity,
Honour, Hospitality and
Information: You are entitled to full particulars
You should be given full, accurate information about the public services you are entitled to receive
Determination, Discernment,
Orderliness, Persuasiveness,
Security and Sincerity
Openness and transparency: Administration must be an open book
You should be told how national and provincial departments are run, how much they cost and who is in charge.
Boldness, Deference,
Enthusiasm, Humility, Justice,
Sensitivity and Truthfulness
Redress: Your complaints must spark positive action
If the promised standard of service is not delivered, you should be offered an apology, a full explanation and effective remedy. When complaints are made, you should receive a sympathetic, positive response.
Alertness, Creativity,
Endurance, Forgiveness,
Joyfulness, Meekness
Money value: Your money should be used wisely
Public services should be provided economically and efficiently in order to give you the best possible value for money.
Contentment, Gratefulness,
Resourcefulness , Self-control, Wisdom and

We cannot afford to drop the baton and it is not too late.

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