Sunday, December 22, 2013

Parents for life

Whether our children are infants or adults, once we have them, we are parents for life.








A nine-week parenting course that will change your family forever!

Created to make you think and help you resolve problems.

You will learn…
  • ·         How the way you were parented affects how you parent.
  • ·         How to forgive and let go of childhood woundings.
  • ·         How to prevent making the same mistakes with your children.
  • ·         Why a child needs two parents.
  • ·         God’s plan for husband and wife as a parenting team.
  • ·         Why moms can’t be dads and dads can’t be moms.
  • ·         How God uniquely creates each child.
  • ·         What is your child’s personality and giftings.
  • ·         How to best help each of your children develop uniquely.
  • ·         Which comes first, teaching or training.
  • ·         How to train children to obey immediately.
  • ·         Why early training makes a difference throughout life.
  • ·         What is each child’s learning style.
  • ·         How to make learning enjoyable.
  • ·         How parents teach 24/7.
  • ·         How to agree on what discipline is appropriate.
  • ·         How to recognize reactive discipline.
  • ·         How a child’s temperament determines the best discipline.
  • ·         When to begin letting go.
  • ·         Why we are parents for life, not parenting for life.
  • ·         How to co-operate with God’s plan for each of your children.
  • ·         Each parent’s role in developing healthy adults.

1 comment:

  1. You know what is interesting?

    It is the one job no-one has to plan for, nor need any specific qualification. You end up being a Dad or Mom easier than you think. But to be Father or a Mother, that is not easy. And you have the power create a generation that can all be better off than the current one, or worse off. Fathers' and Mothers', parenthood is a calling, not the result of a moments pleasure!