Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Swartland Boudienste

Character First South Africa welcomes new member company, Swartland Boudienste from Moorreesburg as the latest organisation who have now come aboard doing the Character First Training.

 1.       But what does this entail?
2.       How do they ensure sustainability of this intervention
3.       What about your organisation?

 Simply said we take supervisors and management through a two day course covering the following

Day 1: Basic Implementation Seminar·         Why character First: Learn and discuss why building character is important for your organisation·         How to build character: Discover the secrets to building a culture of Character
·         Employee meetings: Learn how to emphasize character in your organisations
·         Character Bulletins: Familiarise yourself with tools and resources for studying character
·         Engagement and labour efficiency: Latest trends

Day 2: Advanced Implementation Seminar·         Communicating the standard: Learn how to emphasis character in your organisation polices
·         Hiring For Character and Character-based Interviewing: Develop character based hiring practices to find the right person for each position
·         How to make an appeal: Work through the differences of opinion by making an effective appeal
·         Character-Based correction: Get to the heart of problems instead of dealing with surface issues
·         Character- based team audit: Maintaining and sustaining sound character in your team
·         Best practices towards implementation and facilitating the change
 2.       How do participants ensure sustainability of this intervention,
It is indeed a privilege to train supervisors and managers in a Character First/Competency Seminar and they commit themselves to take up that role with integrity and excellence. They agree also to make the commitment and time needed to carry out their Action Plans. They also further agree to help fulfil and to meet at times to review progress towards the achievement of the Character First and Competency project goals. Also they commit to be a good steward of the opportunity, investment and resources that is entrusted to them and that they will displaying good character in all aspects of their daily activities, interactions and supervision  with others and to be a person of exemplary character by reputation and example. 

They also commit to review every 6 months the following:
·         A date and time each month to hold a character meeting
·         To cover the character quality of the month in my emails, presentations, meetings and during induction of staff
·         Recognise employees under their direct control who have an anniversary/birth date to praise him or her on a specific quality
·         Make sure that their team and staff under their control do work through the character monthly bulletins
·         Twice per year doing a character self and team assessment
·         Include character qualities doing any hiring process. 
As far as possible all staff will be appointed by following the career direct character- and competency-based job-profiling and hiring worksheet·         Demonstrate the principles highlighted in the manual when dealing with appeals or doing a character-based correction interview
·         Look for opportunities to apply the knowledge at home and in their community where needed
 3.       What about your organisation?
 If your company is looking for a great way to recognize employees and individuals for Character and Competence, sustaining a character-based culture, establishing a career direct talent review system, contact us today!


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