Monday, March 12, 2012

Step One ... Explain the Tools

“Hire for character, train for skills”…is not just a platitude at EDG. It has been the credo that has driven our original principal partners for years.

Have we fallen short sometimes? You bet! The difference is that our leaders wanted to prepare us with tools that will shape who we are…and prepare us for success.

Years ago, a vision was forged in the heart of Dwight Paulsen and Paul Mogabgab to have a family oriented company…a safer place in the dog-eat-dog-world of corporate America…a company which was faith-based at its core.

It took over 10 years for something to put words to their beliefs and provide an avenue for helping others catch the vision.

EDG began using Character First in 1996 as a tool to encourage and recognize good behavior. These character qualities are not something we are forced into; they each capture a single face of the multi-faceted diamond that we each are.

Every diamond is individual and reflects light like no other will. Those character qualities that we exhibit are those that define us. If you put diamonds next to each other, the light is reflected from one diamond to the other…multiplying the effect of the light.

Character First is part of what hones us and makes EDG a place where we can multiply the effect of good character in our lives. Enjoy the good character being shown in others around you…notice it… celebrate it.

Special thanks to EDG Consulting  Engineers for helping us get this effort off the ground. The following  article appeared in a “character bulletin” distributed among EDG  employees to help them remember EDG’s “journey in character.”


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