Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Integrate Character Development as part of Leadership development

Smooth work relationships are indispensable to efficiency on the job.
In the world we are living today, employers often react to a lack of diligence,
orderliness, or dependability in their employees.

On the other hand employees react to a lack of sensitivity and justice in their employers.

For character training to be effective, it must become a part of the culture
of the organisation.

This is accomplished through employee meetings that introduce each month's character quality,
public recognition of employees for character qualities they have demonstrated,
and frequent recognition.

All these elements are combined in Character First! training that have been
done with 28 participants from the Western Cape Metro Police

Law enforcement officers with good character are absolutely essential for
earning community trust and establishing a peaceful community. Indeed, law
enforcement officers and their families must be equipped to deal with the
situations and pressures they face every day.

Character and leadership training for law enforcement agencies can give officers
constructive ways to deal with stress and maintain good relationships.

Dr Mario Denton

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