Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The power of integrating the art of storytelling and purposeful conversations

We received this post and found it to be a real motivation to what we are busy doing- without delay here follows the received email.

"I'm really inspired by STRONGMESSAGE. I find your ethos captivating and simultaneously enriching just by reading it! Intellectual curiosity and collaboration is key! WOW! This is what we need!! The combination of visual art (film) and psychology, a most powerful combination! Not to mention its extensive uses for marketing oneself. I'm eager to hear more about you guys and the development of your 'movement' / 'establishment'.
I'll be watching out for innovative trains of thought on your site! I'll be spreading word!

It's so good to see family working together!

All in Christ!!

Karen Mulder
Nitty Gritty Arts"

Phil Cooke, filmmaker and media activist, stated: " during difficult financial times, the strength of your brand is your greatest asset. It creates a powerful sense of trust. When times get tough – the smartest investment you can make is in the integrity, authenticity, and effectiveness of your brand. "

It’s about immediacy, connection, and influence when we realize that we should stop sitting around worrying about the future and start creating it.

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