Monday, January 28, 2013

The elder's are potter's and we are the clay

I was compelled to write an article about Anderkant die stilte award winning film. 

After being on set with the Kwela a kyknet program from the South African television channel. 

After five years of developing Anderkant die stilte with the acclaimed leading actors Joey De Koker, Lida and Johan Botha and Andre Rossouw, they are now completed by making news all across the world. The film has been officially selected at various international festivals including San Diego International, PPFF, Cape Winelands –where it was nominated as one of the best South African feature films and it won 4 awards at the Monaco International festival.

The Anderkant die stilte film team, were interviewed and Joeye was honored with an award for best supporting actor. The award was given furthermore in honor of her years of working in the industry and living legacy. The award was presented by Dr Mario Denton, Joey responded that she may be old but is still growing in wisdom by her interaction with everyone. Her sense of laughter brought calmness into the room.  Joey portrayed the role of Sara in the film Anderkant die stilte.
Joey plays the role of Sara who is the Julius Ceaser or Hitler of Monte Rosa old age. Sara manages the elderly home by maintaining order. It is in her interests to protect the elderly from silliness and acting out of their age. The people of the home know the voice of Sarah and step light should she be in the periphery. A skewed motion in her eyes when she looks. Sara is known for her annual events at the old age home with their most loved clown "Frikkie" as the performer. 

The film Other side of Silence is a story of elderly people who found themselves stuck in an old age home, run by a merciless Sara (Joeye De Koker), who controls it with an iron fist. However enthusiasm and leadership qualities of Piet (Johan Botha) and support and care of Nina (Lida Botha) brought back life and hope to the old age home as they decided to make a theatre play together.
The story it engages with the topic of families and the matter of aging by appreciating those we came from because they indeed have a place to our families and communities.


 The film was inspired by an in depth research and study about the value of team by Dr Mario Denton. Mario is also the executive producer on the film.

I was amazed by the team that was involved in producing this amazing film which included Marinus Denton (the editor), Christiaan Rossouw (sound designer) who were at the interview. The crew was furthermore away through the film enhanced interaction between generations.  The young and elderly came together to make a film they were all passionate about producing Anderkant die stilte.
The interviews were filmed at the Old Mill Theatre and KWV in Paarl. These 2 venues in themselves have so much history to offer. What stood out it was the whole aim of the film and how the film has been produced to interact with communities, connect and emphasize the value we all play (and can play) in each other’s lives. This experience was once that will always be a lifetime.

To find out more about the film or to be part of the Anderkant die stilte tour be sure to contact us at 083 5501 858 or email

Article by  
Nonhlanhla Mchunu, Project coordinator Strong Message

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